1 PUT WITH (T) to put something with something else or with a group of other things: add sth to sth: Do you want to add your name to the list? | I gave him a rare Swedish stamp to add to his collection.
2 COUNTING (I, T) to put two or more numbers together in order to calculate the total: Add 6 and 6 to make 12. | add sth to: Added to what we've already saved, it gives us $550.
-compare subtract
3 INCREASE (I, T) to increase the amount or cost of something by putting something more with it: add sth to: The sales tax adds 15% to the price of clothes.
(+ to): Conforming to the new regulations will add to the cost of the project.
4 SAY (T) to say something more that is related to what has been said already: That's all I have to say. Is there anything you'd like to add, David? | "And I don't care what you think" she added defiantly. | add that: Casey added that everything he had told us was, of course, top-secret. | I might add spoken (=used when adding something, especially to complain): The bus was two hours late, and, I might add, they tried to charge my children the full adult fares.
5 COOKING (T) to mix one food with another while cooking: Cream the butter and sugar, then add the eggs.
6 GIVE A QUALITY (T) to give a particular quality to an event, place, situation etc: Fine champagne always adds glamour to an occasion.
7 added to this/if you add to this used to introduce another fact, especially one that makes a situation seem even worse: If you add to this the young age of the victims, it makes the crime unforgivable.
8 add insult to injury to make a situation even more upsetting for someone, when they have already been badly or unfairly treated
9 add fuel to the fire/flames to make a bad situation even worse, especially by making someone more angry
add sth in phrasal verb (T) to include something with something else: By the time we added in the cost of the drinks the bill was over $100. add sth on phrasal verb (T)
1 to make a building larger by building another room: They added on a bedroom at the back.
2 to increase the amount or cost of something by putting something more with it: Labor costs could add on a further 25%.
(+ to): Service is added on to the bill. add to sth phrasal verb (T) to make something such as a feeling or quality stronger and more noticeable: Our explanation seemed only to add to his bewilderment. | a certain diffidence which added to his charm add up phrasal verb
1 (intransitive, transitive add something up) to calculate the total of several numbers: Add your scores up and we'll see who won.
2 not add up if a set of facts does not add up, it does not provide a reasonable explanation for something: He had been arrested for murder, but the evidence just didn't add up.
3 (intransitive not in progressive) informal to increase by small amounts until there is a large total: There are five of us using the phone so it soon adds up.
add up to phrasal verb (transitive not in progressive) to have a particular result: With a meal included in the cost of the ticket, it all adds up to a really good evening's entertainment.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.


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